Judge Otterhall's Chambers

Copyright Joshua Carpman used with permission

Flint Otterhall is a 1.5 meter Crimson Striped Otter. His piercing green eyes fix on you with a gaze that served him well in his years behind the bench as Judge of the Otterton District Court. His fur is well groomed and golden brown except for a thatch at the top of his head. Two crimson stripes run from just behind his eyes, over the top of his head, and down his back where they blend with the rest of his fur. Flint's long thick tail has a soft black leather bow currently tied a few inches from its tip. Judge Otterhall is wearing a dark brown robe at the moment which is open at the neck and slit in the back for his long tail. His black ranch boots are worn on his hindpaws and are scuffed from long usage. Loyal to a fault at times, Flint is considered a bit to serious by his fellow otters but you can occasionally find him playing on the Courthouse waterslide, a silly smile on his face, if he thinks no one is watching.

Thus began my experience with anthro fandom RPG's. Having been a fan of talking animals ever since early childhood, I guess you could say I was eventually destined to end up knowing about this fandom, but it was early issues of Critters and the alt.fan.albedo newsgroup that brought it to my attention. Judge Otterhall was my first character/handle/persona online and the one thats prolly closest to being an alter ego for me. He's been on the various mucks and online rpg environments since early 1993 and he's been a fun sort of character to develop. He's in a couple of stories over in my writings archive though disguised under other names.

If you'd like to see some of his other more well known clients and cases, dig thru his Opinions below. New cases are added on a periodic basis.


Reiza McRae v. Anthropomorphic Astronomy Association Case Reversed on Appeal.
Lanyl Doe v. Aliens, et al. Opinion Upheld
In re: Sessa Whitehurst Opinion withdrawn
Darren Arizona v. the F.A.R. Case in progress